//Universal Trunk/Hatch Light

Universal Trunk/Hatch Light


How many times have you been frustrated by the lack of light the factory trunk or rear cargo area light puts out? Maybe you've wondered why the manufacturer even bothered installing that dim light in the first place? Perhaps you've tried using your smart phone's LED flashlight to find something, and it's just not bright enough or you drop it somewhere. Flashlights are cool, but so is being able to use both hands!

Introducing the Anti-Dark Universal Trunk/Hatch Light, the most innovative accessory to your vehicle's rear cargo area. By using ultra-low-power LED lights, and a simple yet effective mounting method, you can add an abundance of virtually shadowless light to the rear cargo area of nearly any car, SUV, or van! The best part? Our lights are affordable and fit into any budget.

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Product Description

Our Universal Trunk/Hatch Light is for anyone wanting a brighter rear cargo area light than came with the vehicle in an easy, ready-to-install package for a clean, professional look.

Each Universal Trunk/Hatch Light includes: Ready-to-install LED light, bulb adapters, zip ties, zip tie adhesive mounts, two Anti-Dark decals.

Installation typically takes less than 20 minutes.