How many times have you needed to check something under the hood of your Jeep and became frustrated because there's virtually no light under there, or the stock light hasn't worked for years? Or perhaps you've tried using your smart phone's LED flashlight to help, and it's just not bright enough or you drop it somewhere. Even more so, how often are you working under the hood and things take longer than expected, leaving you with no more sunlight to get the job done? Flashlights are cool, but so is being able to use both hands! Introducing the Anti-Dark Jeep Wrangler Engine Light, the most innovative accessory to your Jeep's engine compartment. By using ultra-low-power LED lights, and a simple yet effective mounting method, you can add an abundance of virtually shadowless light to the engine compartment of nearly any year Jeep Wrangler! The best part? Our light are affordable and fit into any budget.